Saturday, January 28, 2012


Nilusak is a traditional merienda or snack in the Philippines. I remember when i was in middle school i used to buy Nilusak from the lady across the street from my school. There are so many street foods as what we call them, to choose from. Mostly homemade like Nilusak, yucca root, sweet potato and much more. I don't remember buying potato chips back then. Anyway, Nilusak is a snack made of boiled banana plantain, young fresh grated coconut, brown sugar and margarine. Living here in America makes you crave for these kind of food, so last night my husband was in the mood to make some Nilusak.

saba or plantain banana boiled

young coconut

hubby cracking the coconut, i tell you you have to know this stuff. i can't even do it.

hubby, grating coconut the old fashioned way.

brown sugar mixed with the grated coconut

mix them together

hubby, mashing the boiled banana

mashed banana, mixed with the grated coconut and sugar mixture, plus margarine

the finished product!!!!! A sweet healthy treat for us!


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