Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Ok, this our 3rd day in Modesto. My husbands brother-in-law decided to take us to the nearest wine tasting place in Manteca, California.

me and my sweety.
Viven and nards, amazing couple who was the host of the party was with us at the wine tasting room. Mind you, i've tried to taste every single wine they've got on the list...hahahhaha.
Viven bought me two bottles of sweet marie dessert wine because she knows that i did liked it. Yup, she's that nice and giving! My husband bought a box of red wine which we both like, though we dont really drink that much( only on special occasions :)...) His brother-in-law gave us a bottle of Port, which i really, really, love not for dringking though but i'm dying to cook a nice dish with it, perhaps on my 19th wedding anniversary.

We got home with boxes and boxes of wine in our trunk! I definitely come back again.

The place is really cozy, people are sooooooo friendly! And the best part of all the wine tasting is FREE!!!!!!!

DELICATO Wine tasting room is located in Manteca, Callifornia 90 miles south of San Francisco.