Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trying to eat healthy

salad and pan seared tilapia fillet with cream sauce

homemade mushroom soup with garlic croutons

Hi everyone!
Now that the holidays are over, i dont have any excuse to eat just whatever i want (finger's cross).
So last night, i prepared a healthier meal for the family. Some fish, salad and soup.

Hubby and daughter APPROVED!!!  Done Deal!  :)


  1. mmm the soup looks so yummy! i think is importand to eat healthy but yummy food!

  2. mmmmm,yum! You've made healthy food look yum! Its looks delicious plus its healthy,best of both worlds,I really should take a leaf out of your book and eat healthier!
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment,I hope you had a lovely weekend,and have a wonderful week ahead x

  3. ate mayeeeeet! share naman sa recipe ng soup the sauce sa fish fillet. pretty please!

    1. crybaby, for the soup, buy some button mushrooms and cream.
      Slice the mushroom, simmer with chopped onions. You can use water or chicken soup or just use boullion cube.(just enough water to cover the mushrooms) when done, cool completely, then put it in blender, do not blend to much, leave some chunks. Put it back into the pan, adjust the taste add some salt and pepper, add cream, if its too thick add some water. simmer till done.

      for the fish sauce:
      u will need cream and orange juice.

      very simple. after you fry the fish, save the oil. to the oil add cream and orange juice, salt and pepper. bring to aboil until it thickens. that's it.
      Just eyeball how much sauce you want to make :)