Thursday, January 26, 2012

what's for dinner?!

The family decided to have some pizza for dinner, but not just any pizza. It has to be vegetarian and homemade, which is a part of our "eating healthy" diet. So i pulled out my old pizza recipe book and browse through the pages. The Pizza of choice?........Deep Dish Pizza!

here's the pizza dough i made

Veggies of our choice

some pineapple chunks for a little sweet taste

and my homemade Pizza sauce

TADAHHHHHH.........the finish product!

cauliflower soup

my salad plate with a slice of pizza and as usual we finish it off with a nice cup of hot lemon grass tea.
Everything was good. The pizza was filling, just one slice is very much enough for one person. The one thing i like about homemade pizza, is of course you can put any ingredients that you really like. Plus, it's not salty or greasy. That's the one thing i never like about pizza, They can be too greasy and too salty.