Sunday, January 22, 2012


Siakoy or what we call the Filipino Donut

My husband has long been craving for this bread. Siakoy is a favorite merienda(snack) among filipinos. It's  fried in deep oil much like a donut. We have tried a few recipes which we found on the internet before but we have no luck, they all turned out hard.

Hubby was so persistent to find the perfect recipe of Siakoy, And at long last we foun it at Manang's blog---KUSINA NI MANANG. Wow!!!!!! She is a saviour!!! We just found the perfect Siakoy recipe. Soft, just perfect to the bite and it taste like the original siakoy we use to buy at the market or street foods. My husband was so happy and very much satisfied, finally he can eat Siakoy anytime he wants to. :)

Thanks to Kusina ni Manang for posting the recipe.

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