Friday, January 13, 2012

New year's eve

everybody was so busy that morning, (my daighter cooking her spaghetti)
i need to get all the food done for lunch before my sis-in-law and the rest of the gang head down to LA for the new year.

finally, past noon table is ready

i had the traditional 13 kinds round fruits, for good luck (filipino tradition)

Ube haleya, (purple yam)

halabos na hipon (stir fried prawns)

salmon with pesto-mayo dressing

biko(sweet rice)

sinugba (grilled pork)

sisig (chopped grilled pork mix with sisig powder mix)

crema de fruta

Lola(grandama) Celsa getting ready to bless our food

beautiful photo of us :)


later taht evening, my daughters friend came over, waiting for the count down.

at exactly 12 midnight, we all rushed outside the backyard to tie our wishes on this little ficus tree. We do this every year. we each wrote our wishes on a piece of paper and tie them on the tree, if your paper stays on the tree for the whole year chances are one of your wishes will come true ( as i was told) but if it falls, well better luck next year :) i'm not sure if it's true or not but its has become a part of our new years celebration. My Aunt was the one who told me about it, it's a japanese tradition she says, so i adopted the idea myself since i was in high school. I far as i can remember some of my wishes have come true :)!!!! The kids gets all excited when i explained it to them, so they all joined even if it's new to them. They had fun though.

Happy new year to all and may all of your wishes come true!!!!!!


  1. i'd be drooling if i'm not busog. buti na lang.

    Thinking Out Loud

  2. does it really have to be ficus tree? or any tree will do?

    1. crybaby,
      not really, any tree will do as long as it's outside the house. or i think you can tie it on a clothes line too.