Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Feast!

clockwise:  fried chicken, pickled cabbage, ampalaya salad (bitter melon)

It's the weekend so i gave my family some slack! Oh yeah!!! or else someone is going to complain. As i have mentioned on my past posts, we are trying to cut our meat consumption as much as possible. It's been a week straight now, our daily meal consist of veggies, salads, rice and fish. But I also didn't want to deprive ourselves from eating meat at least on the weekend. So today was the lucky day for the meat eaters!!!!

The meal was just simple, healthy and delicious. Even though there's meat on the table i still want to add a few colors here and there. My fried chicken was dipped in a light tempura batter so it gets the crispiness when you bite at it. I have some pickled cabbage on the side to go with the fried chicken. Pickled veggies are a great condiments when eating fried foods, it helps dissolves the fat. Also , i have some ampalaya salad with tomatoes seasoned with spicy vinegar, salt and pepper. Ampalaya(bitter melon) can be eaten raw or cooked, and the health benefits are wonderful. Ampalaya is good for diabetic people. You can even drink ampalaya tea, mostly available at the asian market.

 The meal was that simple, yet  it's a fantastic feast!!!!

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